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Brand Management

Managing Your Brand

Our job is to help your business tell the story you want to tell. Your brand is not just your visual image, but an entire package of visuals, media interaction, digital marketing, and creative positioning. If you feel like your business isn't attaining the levels of recognition or success it should, then you need us.

Marketing Strategy

Your Message. Received.

As the exclusive sales arm to local print publications and radio stations, as well as the ability to place digital advertising anywhere in the country and the skills to design and manage your own website, we can ensure your message will be received in your target audience.

Sales, Closing the Deal

Your Dream Salesforce

If you own or manage a local or regional publication, or radio station, and wish you had more time run your business without having to sell, let us help you. We'll hire a local salesforce in your community and allow them to increase your revenue, while you concentrate on building your audience. 

Our Clients

CabCo Media Group

CabCo Media Group was founded for one purpose - to give the little guy an edge. For too long, small media has been pushed out by their larger counterparts in large part because of the lack of a sufficient salesforce. With CabCo Media, you now have a dedicated team working for your success, allowing you to concentrate on being competitive in your market.

Cabarrus Magazine

Cabarrus Magazine

Founded in 2001, Cabarrus Magazine serves the Cabarrus County region (Northeast Charlotte Metro), NC. Cabarrus Magazine is a locally oriented, lifestyle publication, offering print and digital marketing solutions for business in, or who want to target, Cabarrus residents and visitors.

Memories 983 Radio

Memories 98.3 FM/1410 AM

WTIX 98.3 FM and 1410 AM is Cabarrus County’s local station. We feature the golden era of pop, rock, and soul: hit music of the ’60s and ’70s with a healthy portion of “oh-wow” songs from other decades. The music is up tempo and the presentation is full of energy, including features about rock and roll history and the timeless artists of the era.

Our Digital Marketing Partners

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We  believe that a business with a great media team can make an impact  on their community. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will  help you get your message to your audience.

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